Net Neutrality For The Future Web?

The International Telecommunications Union, is a United Nations agency which ensures the distribution and development of global communication technologies, holding their latest world conference on Monday, in Dubai, with more than 190 nations participating in the conference to discuss about the global internet’s future to how the internet will continue to reshape as well as revolutionize our lives. The conference has lasted for two weeks already, and its purpose was to update the International Telecommunications regulation, the process of changing the set of rules implied to software designers, web creators, and computer making companies as to how they manipulate their services on the internet. It has been two weeks of intense discussions between the nations as they have to agree and decide on which proposals from the global community, they have to accept. The conference hasn’t made any changes within the system, as none of the nations have come to an agreement yet, but the topic of net censorship has been brought up during the discussion, which spread fear amongst the public and businesses.

According to the Member States constitution of ITU, the plan of net censorship was to block any private telecommunication or websites that opposed government decisions or could be defined as dangerous to the established law and order. Allowing this regulation will hurt the global space of free information spread across the globe, and take away democratic rights. The marketplace of ideas and commerce would be restricted only to the government and powerful corporations, with these people dominating the web and profiting from a system like this. Businesses and industries that depend on the web will not succeed in the global markets, as they would not be able to conduct their commerce online anymore. With this situation, industries will no longer benefit our global economy, weakening financial sectors, the middle class, and most of all will affect our daily lifestyles. The internet has been a platform for communication, exchange of ideas and information, and a place where any businesses or industries, can compete in the global marketplace of commerce. It has changed our lives since the start of it’s development of the internet in the past 25 years. Government officials and the ITU Union are the only ones participating in making the decision of internet policy. They are also considering what the standards on the web should be changed to, and how the internet could manage a better growth for our economy. The society should be enabled to make decisions on a widely used platform like the internet, to be able to bring revolutionary changes that could forever change human lifestyle.  

Goodbye from French Toast Mafia

French Toast Marfia blog is over. See this was a class project and it is now over. The class was introduction to journalsim and now, we have a different class and so the blog will end.

The project was that we would split into groups, start up a blog and just put posts and stories on it. Unfortunately the class has come to an end so from me and the rest of my group good bye and farewell.

Manchester Untied vs Reading 4-3

Man Utd played reading on dec 2. The first goal was  Hal Robson-Kanu from reading, he scored at the 8th minute, Oliveira Anderson from Man Utd scored at the 13th minute, Wayne Rooney from Man Utd scored by a penalty in 16th minute, Adam Le Fondre from reading scored at the 19th minute, Sean Morrison from reading scored a goal at the 23rd minute, Wayne Rooney from Man Utd at the 30th minute, and Van Persie in Man Utd at the 34th minute. Manchester United won 4-3. This was a great game.


Is soccer safe?

A volunteer Dutch soccer official died on Monday after being beaten up by teenage players following a match the day before. Richard Nieuwenhuizen was pronounced dead at 5.30 p.m. local time in the hospital of Nieuwegei and it makes us all wonder if people are taking soccer way to seriously?

The 41-year-old had been a linesman in an amateur game between Buitenboys and Amsterdam-based Nieuwe Sloten in Almere. He was attacked after the match by three Nieuwe Sloten players, who were arrested at their homes in Amsterdam on Sunday according to the Dutch News website.

“The KNVB is deeply shocked … After intervention of the police and the arrival of an ambulance, he was in critical condition and taken to the hospital. He died there Monday afternoon,” reported the website of the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB).

Anton Binnenmars, The director of amateur football, added: “Let me, on behalf of the entire KNVB and all its members, offer my sympathy to the families and friends of the victim. It is outrageous that someone enjoying a hobby can be victim of such aggression.”

“Violence should not be on the football fields. And certainly not against referees, linesmen and all those others who volunteer each year to over a million amateur footballers. We must do everything possible to eliminate these excesses,” it also stated.

After this we can hope that an attack like this will not happen again, and that the family and friends of Richard Nieuwenhuizen will recover quickly from this unnecessary loss.

Barcalona vs Spartak Moskva 3-0

Barcelona has won yet another game vs Spartak Moskva 3-0. The first  goal scorer in this game came from barca by Daniel Alves in the 16th minute the second goal was in the 27th minute which came from lionel Messi and on the 39th minute by Messi in Barcelona. Rafael Carioca from Spartak Moskva got a yellow card and Pedro Rodriguez from Barca and another yellow card of the game was from Mascherano from Barca and the last person who got a yellow card was a player Källström. Barca has played 5 games in the champions league and have 12 points and they are doing well. Here is a short video.

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9 bodies recovered from vehicles crushed under tunnel that collapses in Japan

Nine bodies,  eight of them burned, have been pulled from vehicles that have been crushed under a tunnel that collapsed about 80 kilometers (50 miles) west of Tokyo, as highway police spokesperson said early Monday.

Five of the burned bodies came from a burned station wagon while the other three was from another burned car. understandably the Sasago tunnel on the Chuo Expressway remained closed Monday morning, one day after the cave-in occurred on the highway’s Tokyo-bound lanes, Otsuki police said.

Rescue crews worked through the night trying to get to victims of the disaster, all the while wary that the tunnel might collapse further. Those efforts continue, and authorities have not said if they believe more bodies will be found.

Central Nippon Expressway conducts annual inspections of the tunnel, with one particularly thorough inspection held every five years, a company spokesperson said. A more intensive inspection of the Sasago tunnel was held sometime in the past two to three months, the spokesperson added.

Unfortunately the authorities have not given any indication as to when they expect the tunnel to reopen, nor is it clear why the collapse occurred. This may be a sign if what may happen to other tunnels if they do not find what caused this to happen.

Manchester City vs Chelsea 0-0

One of the best and biggest teams in Barclays Premiere League played Chelsea another big team in the Barclays Premiere league. They played each other on the 25th of November. This was a big game, before the game the audience was like who is going to win and who is going to lose but instead it was a draw 0-0. Some People who tried to score were James Milner who is in Manchester City, he tried to shoot but he was not able to score, another person who tried score were Pablo Zabelta(manchester city)tried to score but Petr Cech managed to block it away . Manchester City would have been on the top if they had won this game but now Manchester City is second with the score of 29 points and Manchester UNited has 30 points. Chelsea has 25 points and is 4th in the Barclays Premiere league. Thank You Here is a small video.YouTube Preview Image

Innocent kids killed and hurt in Gaza – Israel war

Kids in both Israel and Gaza are both being killed and injured. One of these kids is Four-year-old Yosef. As he listens to a family friend tell him a story even though the boy is young he is surprisingly happy and cheerful after his traumatic event.

He and his parents were staying in an apartment in Kiryat Malachi in southern Israel when a rocket from Gaza slammed into it leaving a gaping whole. The blast sheered off several of Yosef’s tiny fingers, badly wounded his father, and killed his mother, Mina Scharf, who is one of the first to die on the Israeli side of the border.

Yosef found out about his mother from his father and when asked about his mother he said that she is with god. But He knows it will be a hard time,” his grandmother, Chaya Sarah Scharf, said. Hard is putting it softly though says the doctors. Doctors at the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer hospital re-attached four of his fingers, but in the end they had to re-amputate two of them.

His grandma is angry and states “He lives in the South and there are rockets all the time in that area. Humas doesn’t even think about where the rockets are going,”. While nurses attended to Yosef, one room away nurses were attending to on another child with nearly identical wounds from the most recent chapter of this conflict. What sets them apart is that the second child is from Gaza.

Eight-year-old Bisan al-Aghram lost three fingers when the war was brought to his home. “I heard the sound of a missile that hit. I didn’t even have time to ask what happened and then the second one (hit),” said her mother, Soad al-Aghram. She says when the dust cleared she saw the bones of his fingers spread over the floor. The girl was taken to Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital, but it was too crowded and couldn’t give her the best care. So the family asked Israel for permission to cross the border. And as her mother says “It¹s a strange situation and it’s my first time entering Israel. I was afraid, but they treat me and my daughter in a very nice way, and I understand that medicine has nothing to do with politics,”.

So this shows that not all people in the war are agreeing with what is happening and think that it is unfair for kids and people to die because of what in the war. All  we can do now is hope that the war will end soon so that the numbers of kids effected will not grow.

Tottenham 3-1 West Ham United

On Monday November 26, Tottenham took on West Ham United at White Hart Lane. Tottenham had Jermaine Defoe (44′,64′) with 2 and Gareth Bale (56′) who scored 1. While West Ham had Andy Carroll (82′) scoring their only goal and the final of the match. Leaving West Ham 8th and Tottenham 7th on the Premier League Standings.

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